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                                                             Tatiana Maslany 

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okay here are some full size crops of those color overs I did of the concept art. FEEL FREE TO USE THEM AS TUMBLR ICONS OR RP ICONS??? I made them way back before there was any sort of DVD or cam rip for the movie for my dreamwidth rp account— but yeah. I just happened to stumble upon the PSD.

If you do use them PLEASE reblog or like so I know. Or just reblog/like because u like em’. IDK. it’s ur life.

I can upload the anna ones later in their full size glory. Hans will not be uploaded in full size because those were for a friend and unless you are willing to indulge me in tons and tons of Hans/Elsa RP I am not gonna be colorin anything for u. (◡‿◡✿)

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